Since the establishment of HOPE Japan in 2001, water supply systems in 13 villages have brought 27,000 people clean water!

HOPE has a particularly long-standing relationship with Ethiopia, as our founders’ visit to Ethiopia during a famine crisis in 1975 was the catalyst for the creation of HOPE. Since our first clean water project there in 1975, we have gone on to supply hundreds of thousands with water and sanitation and our work there continues to expand and lift more families out of poverty.

HOPE mainly focuses on regions in Southern Ethiopia, where the need for clean water is great. In areas where access to water is not available, women and children can walk up to 6km to fetch water that is not only strenuous to reach, but also unsafe to drink.

We build gravity fed water systems to supply villages with reliable access to clean water for life – a water spring on top of a mountain is capped and pipelines distribute the clean water to water points throughout the villages. As with all of our projects, we encourage the full participation of villagers in the entire process, so that they can confidently take full ownership of their water systems upon completion. Villagers assist with the building of roads, enabling vehicles to enter with necessary materials; they assist with the digging and installation of pipelines, and groups are trained on maintenance of the water system. Public latrines and education on health and sanitation are also provided, and local committees to manage the water points and maintain the system are formed.

As the status of women in villages are often ranked lower than men, we also address this by encouraging villagers to elect women to water committees. Furthermore, as of 2014, we have started micro-credit programs, with a special focus on women, so that they have opportunities to create stable sources of income for themselves and their families, and become self-reliant.

While many villages have now undergone remarkable changes, there are still many people struggling to meet their fundamental needs in Southern Ethiopia, and we will continue our water and sanitation and micro-credit programs to see more communities develop sustainably and become self-reliant.

2015 Tsayte Water Supply and Sanitation Project
Grant given by: Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Project
Location: Tsayte District
2012-2013 Establishing a water system and hygiene education
Grant given by: Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Project
Location: Zuria District    Yella, Laka and Beko Village
2012 Establishing a water system and hygiene education
Grant given by: The Global Citizens Foundation
Location: Zuria District    Geresse Zalla Village
2011 Establishing a simple water supply system and hygiene education
Location: Bonke District    DelaloVillage amd Dishkil Village
2010 Establishing a water system and hygiene education
Location: Bonke District    Dokile Village