Letter from Robert Claar, Board of Directors Chairperson

Dear Friends of HOPE,

It’s a great honor to serve as Board Chair of HOPE International Development Agency, Japan as we continue and expand our mission of enabling the world’s neglected poor to become self-reliant.

I first became aware of HOPE Japan about a dozen years ago when my family was looking for an NPO with 3 characteristics. First, we wanted to know that contributions, however small, would not be lost in a large organization and could have a significant impact. Second, we wanted to have an opportunity to have direct connections to programs and local communities, enabling life-changing educational opportunities for our children. Third, we wanted to be sure that the organization was well managed so that donations have the maximum benefit. HOPE Japan fulfills all of those requirements and more.

We have active programs providing clean water, health education, sanitation, micro-loans and education in countries including Ethiopia, Cambodia, and the Philippines. We also support projects in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of March, 2011.

HOPE Japan enjoys partnership and ongoing support from Japanese and international individuals and corporations. We received certified NPO status in 2013 from the government of Japan, and are proud to be one of the organizations that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) entrusts to implement overseas development programs.

We welcome all like-minded individuals and organizations to join us in our mission to support the neglected poor. Our annual galas and charity dinners in Nagoya, Kansai and Tokyo provide opportunities to learn about HOPE and get involved. We also hold a variety of fun and educational activities throughout the year. Please join us on this rewarding journey.

On behalf of the Board, I thank you for your interest in and support of HOPE. Thank you for being part of our community.

Robert Claar
Board of Directors Chairperson


Board Outline

Name HOPE International Development Agency
Founded June 2001
Board of Directors Chairperson: Robert Claar
Directors: Michael Alfant, Harry Hill (Vice-Chair), Stephen Houck (Treasurer),
Raymond Klein, David McKenzie, Erin Sakakibara (Vice-Chair), Lowell Sheppard,
Yoshiko Zoet-Suzuki
Statutory Auditor David E. Case
Activities Community development, health and sanitation, employment training, emergency relief
Trustees Steve Burson, Joseph Haldane, Harry A. Hill, Hide Ishida, Takashi Kondo,
Robert Roche, Phillip Rubel, Michel Weenick,
Project Sites India, Ethiopia, Cambodia, The Philippines,
Affiliated Organizations (NPO) Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC)
(NPO) Japan Platform
(NPO) Nagoya NGO Center