Monthly talk nights at Shooters Sports Bar and Grill, Nagoya

HOPE Night is a casual affair, hosted to give participants an opportunity to discuss and learn more about HOPE’s work and topics surrounding sustainable development and the NGO sector. A wide array of speakers are invited to present, and each month the presentation and quizzes are based around a theme.

HOPE night takes place once a month, on a Tuesday, and it is conducted in both English and Japanese. When necessary, a volunteer will provide translations for those who need it, so please feel free to join us, even if you lack confidence in your English or Japanese ability.

Snacks and drinks are provided at each HOPE Night also!

The next HOPE Night will be

November 13 (Tue) 19:00~21:00

Shooters Bar and Grill
Pola Building 2F, 2-9-26 Sakae Naka-ku, Nagoya (about a 1 minute walk from Fushimi subway station – Exit 5)

Student ¥700 (¥1,000)
General ¥1,200 (¥1,500)

* (at the door fee)

Signing up:
Please contact by email ( or, you can sign up online by filling out the online form.
* Please show your student ID at the door.
* Vocational training students are counted as “general admission.”
* 2 drinks and some snacks are included.
* The entire participation fee goes to support HOPE International’s projects.

2018 Schedule

November 13 (Tue) Flyer (PDF)
August 21 (Tue) Flyer (PDF)
June 12 (Tue) Flyer (PDF)
April 24 (Tue) HOPE Gala ~What our future goal with sponsors~
Flyer (PDF)
March 13 (Tue) NGO that supports other NGO ~Perspective of HOPE from Nagoya NGO Center~
Flyer (PDF)
February 13 (Tue) How do you reach out to the field reality?
Flyer (PDF)

2017 Schedule

December 12 (Tue) What does HOPE do in Ethiopia? Vol.2!~HOPE supporters visited Ethiopia!~
Flyer (PDF)
November 14 (Tue) What does HOPE do in Ethiopia? Vol.1!
Flyer (PDF)
September 12 (Tue) I deepened International Corporation by considering poor
Flyer (PDF)
July 11 (Tue) Vol.2 HOPE’s & JAMMIN’s Night out!
Flyer (PDF)
June 12 (Mon) How can I involved with HOPE?
Flyer (PDF)
May 16 (Tue) What do HOPE’s Water and Sanitation projects entail?
Flyer (PDF)
April 17 (Mon) Protect our own culture
-Younger Indigenous peoples and higher education in Mindanao-
Flyer (PDF)
March 6 (Mon) Where does HOPE donations go? ~Fundraising of HOPE~
Flyer (PDF)
January 17 (Tue) What I feel to work in the NGO directly out of college?
Flyer (PDF)

Notices for HOPE Night

  • Nuisance and rant to other participants and staff are prohibited.
  • Acts of leaflet handed out and solicitation are prohibited.
  • Please ask the HOPE staff when you post the photograph of a speaker, participants and HOPE staff to SNS.
  • If you do not obey the rules, you will ask to leave from the venue and/or forbidden to enter the venue.

HOPE Night is sponsored by Shooters Sports Bar and Grill