Give a person in need a life-changing start to the New Year

We have seen incredible changes take place since we began working in Southern Ethiopia and in the Province of Pursat, Cambodia. Seeing families sending their children to school and smile because they are no longer struggling for survival, reminds us each day that we can make a difference and share hope with each other.

Through this year’s gift catalogue, you can continue to make a difference. There are still areas that we have not been able to reach, and there are still many families who are living in the cycle of extreme poverty, without clean water or sanitation. Your gift can change this and break the cycle for them in the New Year.

As we enter this gift-giving season, please consider making a gift to an individual, or family or community that we work with. You are also welcome to give a gift in someone else’s name.

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A life-changing gift, water provides the first stepping stone out of the cycle of extreme poverty. With reliable access to clean water, people have plenty to drink, wash with and tend their crops with. Risk from water related diseases is reduced dramatically and as people gain time (from not having to fetch water), they can focus their energies on realising a better future for themselves.


A gift that keeps on giving, one cow can help as many as 8 families! Cows and water buffaloes are integral to successful farming in Cambodia. They plough the fields, they fertilise the soil and increase crop yields significantly. A cow will stay with a family for 18 months, until she has given them a calf of their own to keep, and then she goes on to help the next family. This is why this is the gift that keeps on giving!


We always include seeds and tools for home gardening in our Water and Sanitation program in Cambodia. Families need to be able to feed themselves, and by having reliable tools and seeds, they are able to leverage the water from their wells and start growing their own food sustainably. It is a seemingly small part of the project, but it is a very important one, leading to plenty of food, better crop yields and income in the future.


To further address the issue of poverty and help raise the status of women in villages, we now incorporate a Micro-Credit program in our Water and Sanitation projects in Ethiopia. Women are trained on financial literacy, form Self Help Groups to support one another, learn how to create business models and are loaned capital to realize idea. Once their idea has begun to generate profit, they then return their loans so that more women can create new ways to improve their income.

This gift is literally an investment that will help seed many entrepreneurial endeavors in Bonke, our next project site in Ethiopia!


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