A Partner of HOPE is someone who gives at regular intervals over the long-term. We would not be able to continue our work and reach as many people as we do without our partners. Thank you for your consideration.

What can my partnership achieve?

For example, your gift of

1,000yen /month
 can send child to school in the Philippines

3,000yen /month
 will support one family in Cambodia clean water for life

10,000yen /month
 will support one family in Cambodia with clean water and a cow

15,000yen /month
 can send an Indigenous Youth in the Philippines to college

50,000yen /month
 will support 50~60 families in Cambodia with clean water for life

Donations made as HOPE Partner are eligible for tax deductions after filling out the corresponding forms.

Become a Partner

Donate on a Monthly Basis

VISA and Master cards can be used.

Information on credit card usage
The specified commercial transaction act

Bank transfer / withdrawal

Please transfer to one of the following accounts and send the following necessary information to info@hope.or.jp.

  • Purpose of payment: Hope
  • Full Name
  • E-mail address (PC mail)
  • Postal code, address · telephone number, fax number (if any)

※ The donor’s registered address in Japan is required for issuing a receipt valid for tax deductions.
If your registered address and mailing address are different on your resident card, please notify us both address.

MUFG Bank, Ltd.

Owariasahi Branch (#796)
Account Number: 1557384
Account Name: トクヒ)ホーフ゜インターナシヨナル (HOPE International)

Postal Transfer

Ni ichi hachi Branch (#218)
Account Number: (Futsu) 7310619
Account Name: ホープ・インターナショナル開発機構 (HOPE International Kaihatsu Kikou)

You may change your donation amount, or stop payments altogether at any time.
Please contact us at info@hope.or.jp for any changes you wish to make.