Choose a project you like, raise funds for it, and inspire others to support you!

You can help people gain access to clean water or go to school by starting your own campaign and inspiring your peers to give a little with you.

Tell your own story – we will work with you to build your understanding and provide support that is in our capacity to give to your campaign. If you want to visit a project to see the impact of your efforts at your own expense, we will also do what we can to arrange a timely visit for you. (Please keep in mind that for arranging visits to project sites, adherence to the schedules of local staff is greatly appreciated, as their priority is to implement the projects!)

If you and your family/business/friends are interested in fundraising to help families in need, email or telephone us. We look forward to hearing from you about your interests, passion, and ideas!





Causes that you could fundraise for

  • Cow for the animal bank, Cambodia – 80,000 yen
  • Well and latrine set in Cambodia – 180,000 yen
  • School in Cambodia – 3,500,000 yen
  • Clean water for a family in Ethiopia – 54,000 yen
  • Clean water for a neighborhood in Ethiopia – 810,000 yen
  • Sponsoring a student of the Pamulaan Centre for 1 year – 180,000 yen
  • Sponsoring a student of the Pamulaan Centre for the full 4 years – 720,000 yen

Suggestions on ways to fundraise:

  • Get your peers to sponsor you on a journey, run or cycle
  • Organize a charity dinner party, concert, or an event based on your own interests
  • Crowd Funding
  • Leave donation cans with family, friends, work
  • Directly meet with/ write to people that you know and ask them
  • If you own or work for a company, you can think about selling its products or services to fund your cause – cause related marketing


Fundraising Now!

Neal Walters  Raising 5.5 million yen to build an elementary school in Pursat, Cambodia