Helped families and local businesses rebuild their lives

Although HOPE International Development Agency primarily focuses on projects in Lower Income Countries, HOPE-JP has supported several projects in the Tohoku Region, both in the emergency relief and recovery phase, following the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of March 2011. Having had the capacity to respond and with many HOPE-JP supporters eager to support the people of Tohoku through HOPE, we began working there immediately after the disaster. While the majority of our projects there are now complete and we are no longer raising funds for new projects, we continue to work with partners that need ongoing support and maintain close ties.

Emergency Relief Phase

Thanks to the tremendous support from many volunteers, HOPE was able to deliver over 500 tons of emergency relief supplies to approximately 200,000 people. Supplies included: drinking water, food, water filters, blankets, electric generators and bicycles.

Recovery Phase

With a full time project manager based in the region, HOPE was able to do extensive work to assess needs and help families and local businesses rebuild their lives. Our projects helped fishermen to restart their fisheries and businesses, enabled social enterprises to launch and expand their work, assisted the elderly and mothers who had difficulty securing employment, and supported children suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

For more information on our work in Tohoku, kindly view our Tohoku 3 year report, released in March 2014.